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Chiropractic & Sports Injury Care



Dr. Matt Schneweis focuses on patient wellness by utilizing many techniques to promote movement and restoration of function. Dr. Schneweis' goal is for patients to be able to resume and maintain a healthy lifestyle with no limitations. Dr. Schneweis enjoys working with athletes and patients of all lifestyles. 


Dr. Schneweis is a lifelong resident of southwest Kansas and a graduate of Kansas State University.  He obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic and Master's of Science in Sports Science & Rehabilitation from Logan University. Dr. Schneweis did clinical rounds at NW Rehab in Federal Way, WA--where he worked directly under the head chiropractor of the Seattle Seahawks.


Dr. Schneweis believes that optimal health is obtained in three steps of care: the initial phase of care is pain relief. Once achieved, then patient care will focus on joint mobility and function. The third phase of patient care focuses on strengthening the area of injury.  Ultimately the goal for every patient is to instill confidence and promote strength, allowing them to live a active lifestyle free of any limitations!  



Credentials and Certifications

  • Doctor of Chiropractic

    •   Logan University

  • Master's in Sports Science and Rehabilitation

    •   Logan University

  • MDT A & B

    •  The McKenzie Institute

  • FAKTR 

    •  Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation

  • DNS Ex 1/ Weightlifting

    •  Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Prague School of Rehabilitation

  • ART Spine 1

    •  Active Release Technique

  • AAMT - Dry Needling

KS Spine & Performance strives to provide the best chiropractic and sports injury care possible. All treatment plans are developed with the patient in mind. There is far more to health than a chiropractic adjustment alone--with proper guidance of at home rehabilitation exercise and in office treatment life changing results can be achieved. We cannot wait to help you start on your recovery journey. 

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